Fighting Flu and Colds, as Recommended By Local Urgent Care Providers

Although there are certain months when people become especially vulnerable to colds and the flu, the threat of it affecting you is actually present year-round. The best way to protect yourself from catching it is by getting a flu shot, easily available from your local urgent care service in West Sacramento.

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Try Yoga for a Healthier Lifestyle, Says West Sacramento Urgent Care

Yoga is an ancient practice that continues to help people lead healthy lifestyles until today. Its healing properties are hailed by practitioners and medical experts alike. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but did not know where to begin, you’re in luck. The Yoga Seed School at Del Paso Boulevard is offering Free Yoga Fridays, with props and mats available for your convenience.
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Tips from Urgent Care in West Sacramento: What Is Kitchen Safety?

Food fanatics who want to learn home-cooked Italian dishes and master different specialties can sign up at Chef Paulette Bruce’s Good Eats Cooking Classes. Held during weekends at the Culinary Center at the East Bay Restaurant Supply, these small-group classes are expertly handled and are a great way to learn while enjoying scrumptious meals. Continue reading