Fighting Flu and Colds, as Recommended By Local Urgent Care Providers

Although there are certain months when people become especially vulnerable to colds and the flu, the threat of it affecting you is actually present year-round. The best way to protect yourself from catching it is by getting a flu shot, easily available from your local urgent care service in West Sacramento.

However, in case you still haven’t received yours, there are a variety of ways to minimize your risk of exposure to viruses. There are simple, everyday steps you can apply to stay healthy.


Wash Your Hands Clean

Wash your hands before eating a meal, after using the bathroom, after doing garden chores or after touching public railings and other infrastructure. In other words, wash your hands frequently. It is through your hands that germs become transmitted, apart from being in direct contact with a sick person.

Sure, constant washing can leave you with dry skin, but it is worth it to avoid a more serious condition of being ill.

Remember, inasmuch as you can contract disease-causing germs, so can you minimize them as well. So, make sure to diligently wash your hands clean.

Use Hand Sanitizer

In case there is no sink or clean water to wash your hands, you can use hand sanitizers. These are good substitutes for soap and water, as they can also be effective in killing germs and bacteria. Alcohol-based variants are most recommended.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

The right proteins and antibodies are crucial elements in protecting yourself against viruses and bacteria.

A weak immune system will make you highly vulnerable at any time of the year, not only to the flu and colds, but also to a lot of other conditions. Eating right and working out regularly helps strengthen both your body and immune system.

Keep Your Environment Clean

As you practice clean personal hygiene, you’ll also need to keep a clean environment. If your room is dirty, with used and new clothes strewn in one pile, or used tissue paper not properly thrown in the wastebasket, your room becomes an easy breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Staying healthy is an all-around task. If you clean up after yourself and keep your surroundings tidy, you already stand a better chance than most at avoiding these diseases.

Just to be sure, though, it’s still highly recommended that you get a flu shot from a West Sacramento urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. 

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