Urgent Care in West Sacramento Provides Thanksgiving Preparation Tips

It may seem an absurd notion, but the wholesome holiday that is Thanksgiving is apparently one of the most dangerous events of the year. Yes, the family-friendly dinner that is meant to gather you and your loved ones around the table can actually cause injuries.

From holiday travel to kitchen duties to serving the turkey, here are some tips from your local urgent care clinic in West Sacramento to make the holiday enjoyable for everyone.

Food Prep

Food Preparation

When it comes to cooking meat, you should first thaw it before dropping it into boiling frying oil. Otherwise, the cold will cause the oil to splatter all over. The oil could land on the burner, which will cause the flame to become bigger. This could spell not only turkey trouble, but possibly a full house fire.

Plan the Menu

Apart from the turkey, you will have some other dishes to complement the star of the feast. If you are expecting a lot of guests, it’s best that you ask them ahead of time if they have any food allergies. This way, you can remove those items from the list completely or leave out the ingredient from a dish or two. Serving food that can trigger an allergy is certain to ruin the festivities and you definitely do not want that to happen.

By planning the menu, you should also be able to better organize your workstation. Less clutter means better workflow, and by extension, a more efficiency in the kitchen.

Sharpen Your Carving Knife

Sharp knives can be dangerous, but when used properly they will help you avoid injuries. If your carving knife is dull, you’re more likely to apply pressure onto it as you slice through the turkey meat. If you cut your finger, it will be a deeper wound because of the added pressure.

A sharpened knife, meanwhile, helps you control the knife better as you slice through the meat. As professional chefs would say, with a sharp knife you just let the knife do the work for you.

In case an injury is still sustained despite the precautions, an easily accessible West Sacramento walk in clinic such as the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group can provide you the medical assistance that you need. 

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