Results for Life 5K: West Sacramento Urgent Care Center Advocates Preparation

Running a marathon is a great way to stay fit and challenge your body. It becomes even more meaningful, however, when you are doing it for a good cause such as the Results for Life 5K Run at the Riverwalk Park. All proceeds from this event will go to the American Cancer Society.

Results for Life 5K

Do you think you are ready for the race? Here are some friendly reminders from a West Sacramento urgent care center to make sure you are prepared for the starting line.

Eat Light

Consuming a heavy meal before the race is discouraged since it can upset your GI tract and make you feel bloated and nauseous. Instead, light, nutritious meals are advised two hours before the Results for Life 5K. Aim for a maximum of 200-300 calories.

One suggestion is to blend fruits and yogurt into a refreshing smoothie for that perfect balance of fiber and protein. Or, have  steel-cut oats with bananas, nuts, and almond milk. Whole grains are a great source of complex carbohydrates that will give you energy throughout the race.

Finally, make sure to drink lots of water to aid digestion and avoid dehydration.

Warm Up

Complete your stretches approximately 25 minutes before the Results for Life 5K. Begin with 10 minutes of light jogging, increasing your pace for the next five minutes. Afterwards, include five short, race-pace pick-ups not lasting longer than 30 seconds.

Recognize any tight muscles you might have after your warm up and make sure to stretch them gently. Some areas to focus on are your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, back, glutes, and pelvis. Aside from getting your blood flowing, these exercises also prevent injury during the race.

Post-Race Care

Caring for yourself after the Results for Life 5K starts right at the finish line. For instance, make sure to keep moving at least 10 minutes after getting your medal to avoid stiffness and to return your heart to its resting state. Stretch out your hips, legs, and back to avoid cramps.

Consume an energy bar or a sports drink within 30 minutes after the race to restore your energy and rebuild muscles. Last, doing a non-impact activity after the race, such as cycling or swimming, is essential to help you recover faster.

If you feel any unusual pain, don’t hesitate to go to an urgent care center in West Sacramento for professional medical treatment.

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