West Sacramento Urgent Care Tips on How to Safely Enjoy Earth Day

It’s always great to spend some time under the sun, especially when it’s with your family and friends. Soaking up some natural vitamin D has been proven to be good for the health, and just having the warmth of the sun gently brushing against your face is already a relaxing experience. It becomes much better, too, when you’re spending the day at a park in Sacramento for Earth Day.

Earth Day

An urgent care in West Sacramento, however, warns that the event will be running from 11AM to 4PM—pretty much the time when the sun will be shining on full blast. You’d want to pay attention to this little detail, because it’s going to be crucial for your skin health.

Go for Sun Safety

Because of the sun’s rays being at its strongest and harshest at this time of the day, you would want to keep yourself protected from any possible repercussions or injuries.


First of all, it is highly possible for you to become dehydrated—and you may not necessarily know it. That’s why it’s most advisable that you carry with you a fresh bottle of water so that you can get refreshed easily even as you make your way through the various activities within the Earth Day grounds. This is even more important for kids, especially because you can be sure they’ll be running around, having fun with their friends.

Cover Up

Sure, it’s spring and it’s the perfect time to put on those comfortable shorts and tank tops. That’s all well and good, as long as you keep in mind that you don’t have to suffer for fashion. Put on sunblock at the very least if you don’t want to cover up with long sleeves made of light cotton material. Having sunscreen protection is actually non-negotiable, no matter what time of the day it is, no matter what event you’re going to.

There is a real risk of getting sunburned in outdoor activities and events such as this one, and they end up not only visually unpleasant, but also physically painful. It’s not called “sunburn” for nothing, after all. Then, there’s also the very real threat of melanoma. Save yourself the trouble and worries and just make sure you cover yourself up well for this outdoor event.

In any case, you can always drop by a West Sacramento urgent care center for proper assistance, such as U.S. HealthWorks. They should be able to give you treatment for your sunburn, dehydration, or whatever else injury you may obtain from your day out on Earth Day.



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