Urgent Care: Lower Stress Levels with New Fun Classes at It’s All Yoga

All people experience periodic stress, but if you have had one stressful situation after another, you might be feeling like you have more on your plate than you can handle. Chronic stress can cause a multitude of health, emotional and spiritual difficulties in your life. After visiting a West Sacramento urgent care center and getting a physician’s permission, you can start taking yoga classes with the goal of lowering your stress and taking better care of your overall health.

Types of Yoga Classes

If you are new to practicing yoga, it is best to start out with a low intensity program. You can sign up for one class or a short series of classes at It’s All Yoga. Consider a low intensity program such as Hatha restorative yoga, which focuses on breathing and mindfulness rather than stretching or strength. If you are fit and active, you might find enjoyment from a medium intensity program that challenges your muscles a bit more by helping you to focus on your positioning and posture through a series of poses.

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Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

During a yoga session, you allow your body to experience a deep sense of relaxation. You are focusing on how you feel in the moment. Setting your other worries aside allows you to focus on how you physically and mentally feel. This relaxation helps to lower your pulse and breathing rates. As you relax, your body produces fewer stress hormones. Your muscles lose their tension, which may help you to focus on the current moment. If your stress continues after yoga, a visit to an urgent care clinic in West Sacramento may help.

Finding Stress Relief Through Yoga

Yoga is not a competitive physical activity. You can go at your own pace and only do the poses that feel good to your body. The quietness of the room, familiarity of your breathing and movement of your body can help you to manage your reactions better when you are faced with a challenging situation. You can recall your breathing exercises and practice them when the going gets tough in your life.

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