In Case of Allergy, Visit a Center for Urgent Care in West Sacramento

It seems that California is in for some incredibly dry and hot weather—so dry that Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. expects 2014 to be the driest year in the state’s history. While farmers are worried that the seemingly inevitable drought will leave them reeling and hungry, health officials are more concerned about the public health consequences that may arise from this weather. The Manteca Bulletin has this to say after interviewing Dr. Robert Torrano from the Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California:

“It’s warm and the plants are responding to that. The dry air, that alone is harsh on the airway. Air quality has been poor as well, with a lot of particulate and air pollution,” he said. “It’s just unusual. We need rain to cleanse the air.”

Allergy pollen levels for the City of Manteca have hovered in the medium range (4.9 to 7.2) since the first of the year, according to, but will escalate through the weekend. The pollen level is expected to be 5.9 today. That number will jump on Thursday (7.1) before reaching the medium-high level on Friday at 7.3.

While children are especially vulnerable to allergies, some adults can also fall prey to these ailments, whether at home or at work. If a runny nose or a wheezing cough persists, Californians are advised to visit the nearest West Sacramento urgent care centers, like those run by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, for the necessary medication that can relieve allergy symptoms. Aside from pollen, workplace allergens also include fumes, dust, and even cleaning supplies. If left uncontrolled, allergens can reduce worker productivity by 10 percent.

In Case of Allergy, Visit a Center for Urgent Care in West Sacramento

As a precaution, cleanliness and efficient climate control, particularly through the proper use of thermostats, should be observed. Employers are also encouraged to carry out allergy tests before they hire new workers, even if it means tapping West Sacramento urgent care facilities for those examinations. There’s no doubt that such things will become a “hot topic” in California in the weeks to come.

(Article Information and Image from Specialists say allergy season has come early, Manteca Bulletin, January 22, 2014)