West Sacramento Urgent Care Centers Offer Important Travel Vaccines

Through the efforts of the government and public health officials, the United States has been able to eradicate or substantially halt several diseases in the country. However, many of these diseases are still present in other countries, and pose a significant threat to U.S. citizens travelling abroad who might contract them and carry them back to the country.

Here is a short list of travel vaccines that a reputable center for urgent care in West Sacramento can administer to patients before they leave:

Poliomyelitis is a highly infectious disease that targets a person’s nervous system and can result in partial or complete paralysis. There is no cure for polio, although the vaccine is highly effective in preventing the disease.

The last case of polio in the United States was in 1979. It is believed that this illness has been contained in most parts of the world, except in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. However, an article from The Weather Channel reports:

“An outbreak of polio in a previously polio-free region of China shows that the crippling, potentially deadly disease will remain a global threat as long as the poliovirus circulates anywhere in the world, scientists say.

Researchers who investigated the outbreak of polio in the Chinese province of Xingjian in 2011 found the infection was caused by a poliovirus that originated in Pakistan, according to the study published today (Nov. 20) in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Despite the progress, imported poliovirus has caused outbreaks in some previously polio-free countries in recent years, and scientists have found that the virus is circulating in some regions that had previously been declared polio-free, the researchers said.”

Typhoid fever is an infectious disease caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. A person becomes infected with the bacteria by eating contaminated food. Although the disease itself is not lethal, the complications associated with the disease such as pneumonia and intestinal perforation are fatal.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A spreads through contaminated food and water, or through person-to-person contact. Acute liver failure is one of the complications of Hepatitis A.

It is important to note that every traveler faces a different set of risk factors. Many medical practitioners recommend that people with plans to travel abroad should visit a trusted West Sacramento urgent care clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group facilities to determine which vaccines are necessary before they travel.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Polio Still a Global Threat, Researchers Say, The Weather Channel, November 22, 2013)


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